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Founded with a vision in 2011, A+A Global Imports blends innovation and dedication in the realm of regulated packaging. Our legacy lies in tailored solutions for diverse sectors, powered by exceptional design and an unwavering team commitment. With A+A Global, excellence is always within reach.

Pioneering Cannabis
Packaging Since 2011.

Pioneering Cannabis Packaging Solutions

Unwavering Support for Industry Leaders

With over 12 years of industry experience, A+A Global stands not just as a packaging provider, but as seasoned trailblazers in the field. Our legacy is built on delivering innovative and safe packaging solutions, many of which have become patented, setting industry benchmarks. Seamlessly integrating beauty with functionality, we've continually set the bar high, reflecting our deep-rooted expertise.

Our comprehensive in-house capabilities encompass everything from the initial design to the final logistic steps. With the backing of an expansive international manufacturing network, we consistently ensure global deliveries that are both prompt and of unparalleled quality. This longevity in the market stands as a testament to our commitment and unwavering dedication to advancing the packaging industry.


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Team & Leadership Commitment

Our leadership and team, with a combined experience spanning over 150 years, stand as the backbone of A+A Global. This seasoned group, including our in-house R&D specialists, regulatory maestros, and dedicated account managers, ensures we remain at the forefront of the industry. Their collective expertise ensures that we consistently deliver innovative and efficient solutions to our clients.

Mission & Vision Statement

Our commitment is to the future of packaging, one where technology and innovation lead the way. A+A Global's mission is to integrate cutting-edge technology into our packaging designs, ensuring they are both contemporary and functional. This vision not only differentiates us but ensures that our clients receive the most advanced solutions in the market. It's not just about packaging; it's about setting new standards and redefining the industry.

Partnering with Industry Leaders

Collaborations Across the Spectrum

From emerging startups to established giants, our partnerships span the breadth of the industry, reflecting our versatility and dedication. Discover our diverse collaborations and delve into a visual journey of our cutting-edge facilities.


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