Prioritizing Safety, without Compromise

Packaging Safety: Where Brand Trust Begins

In the intricate tapestry of the cannabis industry, both Single-State Operators (SSOs) and Multi-State Operators (MSOs) grapple with the challenge of melding regulatory compliance with distinctive branding. A+A Global rises to this challenge, offering a vast range of child-resistant packaging that ensures paramount safety while amplifying brand presence.


Our diverse portfolio resonates with the dual demands of safety innovation and design sophistication. From tactile containers to groundbreaking locking systems, each solution emphasizes child protection without neglecting aesthetics. For MSOs, in particular, navigating multi-state regulations becomes simpler with our offerings, ensuring consistent branding and compliance across varied jurisdictions.


Whether you're an SSO aiming for local dominance or an MSO with an eye on national reach, A+A Global's expansive array of child-resistant solutions is the keystone to achieving both unparalleled safety standards and robust brand recognition.

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Elevating Vaporizer Quality and Innovation

Pushing Boundaries with RAE and Beyond

At A+A Global, our dedication to innovation and quality transcends brands. While RAE stands as a prime example of our commitment, showcasing a wide range of products from batteries to sleek disposables, it's just the tip of the iceberg. Our portfolio spans multiple brands, each echoing our values of technological advancement, reliability, and safety. So whether you're exploring RAE's cutting-edge offerings or diving into our diverse brand ecosystem, you're guaranteed unparalleled excellence in every product.

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Empowering the Cannabis Industry

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Crafting packaging that champions both your product and our planet.

Innovative Green Partnerships

At A+A Global, our mission transcends beyond traditional packaging. We are dedicated collaborators, partnering with brands and industries to pioneer innovative solutions that don't just meet but elevate the standards. Central to our ethos is a profound commitment to sustainability. By constantly pushing the boundaries, we aim to create packaging solutions that are environmentally responsible, yet never compromise on product integrity and safety.

We believe in a world where quality packaging not only preserves and presents but also respects and protects the planet. Join us on this journey as we redefine packaging for a sustainable and secure future.

Advanced Production Efficiency

Precision-Engineered Machinery Solutions

A+A Global offers a comprehensive suite of machinery, designed to enhance scalability and streamline your production processes.

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Comprehensive Solutions
From child-resistant packaging to cutting-edge vaporizers, our product breadth meets every demand.
Tailored to Your Needs
From subtle tweaks to comprehensive overhauls, we customize products to fit your unique vision.
Sustainability Commitment
Eco-conscious packaging designs that prioritize both quality and environmental responsibility.
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