Packaging in the Age of Social Media: Creating Shareable Designs

Packaging in the Age of Social Media: Creating Shareable Designs

Since its inception, social media has had a huge influence on numerous business decisions for brands, including packaging designs. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter have significantly influenced packaging in recent years, transforming it from a mere functional object to an essential component of brand narration and consumer interaction. Our guide examines the role social media has played in reshaping packaging design and offers insights into creating sharable packaging.

How Social Media Influences Packaging

Social Media Causes Brands to Think About Packaging Differently

In today’s world, social media has transformed how brands view packaging. Previously, packaging choices were predominantly influenced by cost-efficiency and practicality. Before the rise of social media, the primary goal was straightforward: to offer practical, cost-effective means for product preservation and transportation. As a result, there was no focus on consumer engagement or emotional appeal.

The introduction of social media has completely transformed this outlook. Packaging now plays a crucial role in expressing a brand’s identity, necessitating designs that resonate with the company’s values. This evolution calls for a more encompassing approach, incorporating marketing elements into packaging design to create a more immersive brand experience.

Social Media Forces Packaging to Be More Elaborate

Unboxing videos have become a social media sensation, setting new expectations for what it means to open a package. This evolution calls for a packaging design that goes beyond protection, aiming to create suspense and excitement in the reveal process.

Packaging considerations now extend to ease of opening, choice of filler materials, and overall aesthetics. Every aspect must be meticulously planned to enhance the unboxing experience, adding layers of complexity to the design process.

Social Media Forces Brands to Be Responsible with Packaging

Social media sites now serve as platforms for consumer activism, holding brands responsible for their impact on the environment. Consumers are quick to reprimand a company on social media for harmful packaging, forcing brands to consider sustainable options. Similarly, shoppers are more frequently aligning their purchases with their eco-values, positioning sustainable packaging as a critical factor for market success. Social media plays a vital role in this, motivating brands to elevate their commitment to environmentally friendly packaging options.

Decorative bag of hemp flower in a clear plastic bag.

How to Make Your Packaging Social Media Shareable

Create an Amazing Experience by Knowing Your Customer

The secret to successful packaging in the social media era lies in understanding your audience. Knowing what your target demographic likes and resents is paramount in designing packaging products that resonate with them. 

Elements like color schemes, typography, and materials should reflect the brand’s values and appeal to the customer’s preferences. For instance, pastel colors and cursive fonts may evoke luxury or playfulness, while bold colors and serif fonts may suggest tradition or heritage. 

Selecting an Excellent Color Palette

In a world dominated by smartphone users, visual appeal is crucial. A strong, brand-aligned color palette ensures that packaging stands out in social media feeds, enhancing brand recognition and engagement.

Adding Social Media Handles or Hashtags on Your Packaging

Encouraging social sharing directly on packaging can amplify brand reach. Integrating social media handles and hashtags on the packages fosters a community around the brand, leveraging user-generated content for authenticity and engagement.

Making the Unboxing Experience Memorable

Unboxing is more than a process; it’s a social activity. Brands should aim to create positive, share-worthy experiences that align with their values. Analyzing popular unboxing videos can provide insights into consumer expectations and potential gaps between brand messaging and customer perception.

Working with Social Media Personalities

Influencer marketing, especially on social media channels, often leads to significant returns. Successful collaborations are those that resonate with both the influencer’s style and the brand’s ethos. Utilizing custom packaging to achieve this can help strengthen connections and boost brand awareness.

Final Thoughts

The rise of social media has transformed how packaging design is viewed. It has moved beyond simple product protection to forging an experience that deeply resonates with consumers and elevates the brand’s digital footprint. Companies that adapt to this change by leveraging the power of social media are able to create packaging that engages and fascinates the audience, which is vital for boosting brand recognition.

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